About Me

Hello and welcome!

My name is Ryan, aka @RyHoMagnifico. I’m a Systems Analyst by day and husband and dad by night. My main interests are video games, TV, and film these days, but back when I had more free time I was also and avid reader, comic book geek, and music lover.

Retro-Def is a place where I can bring all of my hobbies together. It is a portal to my nostalgia; my own little cathartic time machine. Not everything you’ll find here will be “retro”, or at least that’s not my aim, but I do tend to focus my spare time on reliving my childhood by watching a lot of vintage cinema and playing video games from several decades ago.

My guess is that I’ll write about anything and everything here on Retro-Def and if you think you and I have similar interests then I hope you’ll check out the site now and then.